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Community Day Services

Day Services

Whether you are looking to enhance your social skills, participate in exciting recreational activities, volunteer or develop new skills, Community Living Oakville is the place to be!

At Community Living Oakville we believe that each person is unique and with that in mind we embark on an exciting journey where every person has an opportunity to expolre their areas of interest and fulfill their dreams.

Community Living Oakville offers a number of Community Day Service locations throughout the Oakville Community. The goal of each location is to provide an array of opportunities for each person to participate in meaningful day time, educational, leisure and social opportunities. Through exploration each person directs the activities they wish to participate in.

Listed below are some of the opportunities within our day service areas:

. Appleby College mentorship program
. Sheridan College mentorship program
. Radio broadcasting
. Transit training
. Literacy and math skills
. Volunteering
. Cooking classes and cafe days
. Photography
. Boat trips
. Day excursions
. Yoga and exercise classes
. Drum club
. Music lessons
. Drama
. Gardening
. Sports
. Guest  speaker series and many more........

For more information please contact Alexandra Hoeck-Murray-Employment and Day Services Manager at 905-844-0146 ext. 255

Speers Place industries

Speers Place industries specializes in custom packaging and light assembly, point of purchase, displays, fully automated shrink wrapping, bagging, collating and labeling.

Speers Place Industries provides employment and training for people who have a developmental disability. Working in conjunction with Best Pack, Community Living Oakville’s independently owned packaging business, Speers Place Industries provides work and the opportunity to develop work skills in a supportive environment.

From basic work ethics and expectations right up to specific skills in packaging, shipping or administration, the employees are coached and supported to develop their skills to their highest potential and to fulfill their employment goals. With that in mind, we offer the employees flexibility and support, while they take advantage of opportunities as they arise, whether they be related to employment, educational or volunteer opportunities while still maintaining the support provided by Speers Place Industries.


Innovations offer a variety of activities, creating exciting opportunities for people to develop their skills while building relationships with others.  People may choose to partake in various event rooms at Innovations such as the computer lab, arts room, music room, current events room or meditation room.  Each area assists people to engage in creative forms of learning amongst their peers.  Innovations is a person centered day service option, whereby people lead to create prospects based on their personal interests and intersets of the group. Innovations features a strong community focus, allowing people to partake in social, recreational and volunteer opportunities within their community. 

Innovations is offered Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm.

For more information please contact Alexandra Hoeck-Murray- Employment and Day Services Manager at 905-844-0146 ext 255.

Skills Training to Enable Personal Progress-STEPP

STEPP is offered to people who wish to develop skills and build relationships with others.  Through various activities, people will have the ability to nurture and explore their talents while enhancing their literacy, numeracy and various skills of interest. STEPP also offers a variety of recreational opportunities, community engagement and volunteering and a strong focus on healthy living and personal growth.

STEPP is offered Monday-Friday 9am-3pm.

For more information please contact Alexandra Hoeck-Murray-Employment and Day Services Manager at 905-844-0146 ext. 255

After School Respite

After School Respite provides a safe and caring environment for children and young adults between the ages of 5 to 21.  Activities include games, snoezelen room, community events, parks, music, sports, arts and crafts and life skills. 

After School is offered Monday-Friday 3pm-8pm.

For more information please contact Julie Bisbicos-Day Services Manager at 905-844-0146 ext. 274

Employment Services

Are you looking for work? Then our employment team is the right answer for you! Community Living Oakville's employment team has a strong track record of connecting employees with companies and supporting people to achieve their career goals. 

For more information please visit our Employment Services page or contact Alexandra Hoeck Murray- Manager of the Employment Centre at 905-844-0146 ext. 255



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